Housing Incentives

The City of Fredericksburg offers many different types of housing incentives to anyone who is interested.  The City is welcoming and encouraging new homes and businesses both.

What incentives are available?

  • Build a New Home -- receive a 3 year tax abatement on the house (only pay tax on the lot)
  • Remodel an older home and increase the value by 15% -- receive a 3 year tax abatement on the new addition (this includes garages) 

How to Apply

Download and fill out the Program Application Form. 

Please return applications to: Fredericksburg City Hall
By Mail: PO Box 318, Fredericksburg, IA  50630
By Email: fburgch@gmail.com
By Fax: 563-237-6325

NOTE:  If you are building a new home or remodeling, you need to get a Building Permit Application from City Hall.  Once the Building Permit Application is approved, a Building Permit will be issued.

Building permits are REQUIRED for ALL building/remodeling projects.  There is no cost associated with getting the building permit.  If you are unsure of whether or not you need a building permit, please contact City Hall and they can assist you in determining based on your needs.

Building Permit Application


If you are looking for a place to build, why not become part of Fredericksburg's newest housing division?


Fredericksburg Community Development Housing Lots


Please call City Hall with any questions at 563-237-5725.


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