July 30, 2019 @ 4:22 PM

What’s new Fredericksburg? Lots of exciting things going on. We have new owners at the hardware store, stop in at Westy’s and check it out. It sounds like they have tons of great ideas for the store. 
Also, I know it’s been awhile but stop out at Ricks tire and say to the new owners as well. We are so fortunate to have so many great companies in our community!
We have the Fireman’s Block party coming up soon August 24th, this is an all-day event for the whole family! Always a great time. Great food and great music is slated for the day!
Also check out Plum Creek Golf Course Couples Fun Nights Aug. 9th and the 23rd and check out the tournament schedule as well. It is fun for golfers of every level. The course has been looking great!
How about some horsepower? Stop out to the Antique Engine & Power Show August 10-11th at Pioneer acres just East of town. It is always interesting to check out the equipment!
Have you ever thought of serving the community and running for office? There are 2 council seats up for re-election this year and the Mayor position. Get involved, speak out, represent your community! Papers can be picked up in the city hall if you are interested. I believe they are available August 12th. Believe me it will open your eyes to how a city runs and functions! 
Some items to bring up, PLEASE do NOT blow your grass in the street. We have had several people doing this and have sent letters as well to people to please stop doing this. Every time we have to get sewers cleaned and jetted it costs the taxpayers money. This also restricts the flow of water when we get heavy rains. If the rain can’t go away it goes into people’s basements and cost even more money. If you have been warned once this year the next occurrence will be a civil penalty and a fine will be issued. 
At next month’s council meeting we will be discussing adding a storm sewer fee to utilities. This fee, although small will be to help with upgrading the infrastructure that has deteriorated over the last 100 years. It is not an uncommon fee for cities, but it is something we are thinking about. This will affect all property owners, renters, and businesses alike. 
There have been several complaints of yards not being mowed and kept up. Just a reminder the city will mow it if it is not dealt with in an appropriate manner. Then the hefty bill will show up. 
Garbage cans have been a hot topic with the employees in the last few weeks. We have had several of the cans be overrun with maggots, please keep your cans somewhat clean. Also, please note that the lid must shut on your can. We will not pick up extra garbage on top or overstuffed with the lid not closed. Use the recycling program, you are being charged for it anyway! 
Please keep up to date with the city’s happenings on facebook and at our website www.fredericksburgiowa.com.
Enjoy the beautiful weather that is forecasted! 
Mayor Shain Kroenecke