May 1, 2018 @ 9:23 AM

Whats new Fredericksburg?
I think Spring is here? (Hopefully)

With spring in the air it's time to clean up those yards, plant the gardens and get to all those outdoor activities we have been waiting to get done.

Other Spring related topics, make sure if you are running a golf cart or UTV on the city streets that you are getting them registered and licensed at city hall. Failure to do so will result in a municipal infraction.

Also it is construction season, make sure that building permits are being filled out and turned in if you are adding on or changing the footprint of your building or adding a building to your property. This also includes prefab garages being moved onto your property. This year the city will not only review the permit but will be reviewed post construction before a final sign off.

In the next couple of weeks you will notice that the sidewalks on both sides of Main street's "Business District" will be taken up and replaced with ADA compliant sidewalks. From the meeting Bob and I went to it sounds like it will take a few weeks and they will be in and out in no time! And the DOT is paying for 100% of the project!

Farmers are out in full force and have an important job to do, they are watching out for you but please be extra careful and keep a watchful out eye for them on the road too as they may not be able to see you all of the time. Lets get those crops in the ground safely and help those COOP guys at Farmers Win get the job done safely as well!

There is a council meeting next Monday on the 7th, if there is anything you would like on the agenda please let us know!

Have a great May Day and enjoy the weather!