October 12, 2018 @ 2:48 PM

From the Mayor of Fredericksburg Iowa

It looks like it's finally here!! Harvest time that is. Even though I live in town like many of us do, please be aware of the farmers trying to get their crops out. Be cautious on the road, give them extra time and space. They are trying to make their living and we know it's been a tough a year for all of them. 
Also be aware that just because you may live in town and maybe have never driven a tractor, or had your livelihood depend on this years yield, everything they are doing is affecting us in so many ways. Our community thrives on agriculture! Farmers buy gas, diesel, food, pay the bulk of the taxes and keep our small towns thriving. We have the Farmers Winn Co-op employing so many people, and it's all driven by agriculture and these farmers. 
So if you have the temptation to get frustrated that you have to follow that grain wagon up a hill or you think that combine could move over, also remember that they are feeding this nation, the rich, the poor and everyone in between! Give them the respect they deserve and even a thank you if you see them and pray for a safe harvest season! It's farmers that make this world go around!

Thanks for listening,