June 20, 2017 @ 5:10 PM

6/20/2017 ... Whats new Fredericksburg?

Just a reminder that all pets must be on a leash in the city of Fredericksburg. We have had some events lately that have led to dog bites other being chased on the trail by dogs not restrained. We will be ramping up our enforcement on this and issuing citations for people not obeying the ordinance. This means fines of up to $1000 for multiple infractions. Also if you own a dog in the city limits it must be up to date on rabbi shots! This is part of your responsibility of owning a pet, caring for it and being socially responsible for it. Also the elementary school ground is not a place to have your animals run free, this includes the ball diamonds. Please pick up any feces your animal leaves behind!

They are fun and I love them probably more than the next person but please be responsible. Be aware of your neighbors and their needs, if they have a young children please check with them to see if its OK. We don't want to make an ordinance around fireworks but we will if we have to. Right now it would be covered under the noise ordinance. We are asking that if you are going to use fireworks be courteous to your neighbors and please cease use of them by 11pm.

July my push will be junk around properties in town. If you are collecting junk in our yard or around your house expect to hear from me. We will work with you on ways to abate the situation. I have heard from several residents around town concerning their neighborhoods and the conditions of some properties, we want to address all of these issues and deal with each one. Keep Fredericksburg looking good!

We have had some interest in people wanting to volunteer to do something to help beautify the town. There is a list at city for anyone interested, there are simple landscaping things, painting projects, park projects etc that need to be done or would be nice if they got done. This could be a great opportunity for a company, an organization or a group of friends to take on! Let us know if you are willing to take on the task!!

Lets work together to make our town a better place!

Shain Kroenecke