June 8, 2017 @ 11:29 AM

What’s new Fredericksburg?

You could tell it was Dairy Day week, as I tooled around the town in my golf cart watching everybody mow their grass, get their landscaping just right and washing their vehicles, it shows you the pride people have in their community. The firemen are busy selling tickets, washing trucks, and meeting with other departments for comradery, they are also coordinating the fireworks, and assisting with other people’s fundraisers. 
 The food stands were all great as always, it is an awesome show of volunteerism during this time. Glen had some great music at the “U” it made for a great afternoon. The entertainment everywhere was great but I couldn’t make it to them all!

It’s neat to see how many people come back every year for Dairy Days, I talked to a gentleman that came from Colorado, never misses it. I had a personal customer of mine from Cincinnati that just missed it last year and he planned his families vacation around it this year! (He heard how much fun it is) But also to see the families that get together, because this is where they grew up, and talk about people that are gone now and how much we miss them (Penny Peterson Lang I was thinking of you and your parents). Great memories are always made at Dairy Days!

Of course, congratulations to Doug and Lisa Kleiss on being selected Grand Dairymen this year, I don’t think you will find a family around who has been more involved in the dairy industry and has done so much for Dairy Days over the years.

And also to Diana Hammond who was the Grand Marshall, it would have been so great to have Rick sitting beside her, I sure miss that guy! He is looking down laughing and watching over us all.

So that being said the 93rd Dairy Days is behind us and I think the committee did a fantastic job! I am sure today as they are cleaning up and packing away they are starting to already plan for next year. And I bet they are looking for a few volunteers for next year’s committee if you are interested.

I do want to take a minute and ask that everyone does their part in keeping our town looking nice. Please keep the yards mowed and when you do mow them DO NOT mow your clippings into the street! It really puts an undue burden on our storm sewer system. Also, we are going to be getting a list of projects around town that need to be done that always seem to fall to the way side. We will put the list in the City Hall and on Facebook and our website. It could be little things like painting fire hydrants, picnic tables, or landscaping projects. It would be great things for people volunteer for and /or groups to do. 
 What else is new. Cindy and I will be attending a meeting tonight about derelict, abandoned and nuisance properties. It will be nice to understand what can be done with some of these properties in town and how other cities are handling it. 
As always if you have any questions please get a hold of me or a council person and we will be happy to discuss things with you.

Mayor Shain Kroenecke